urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen Wall Calendar


urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen has a graphic look with black and white photographs and red colour (pms 206) in twelve different shades. The calendar is photographed in different areas of Copenhagen, one area per month, starting from the center and out in a clockwise motion.


Appendix with all the street addresses in bright red colour.


The whole calendar giving an overview of the year.



urbnCal SPECIAL EDITION is a numbered edition of 100 and comes in a hand printed organic tote bag.


The template included can be used to mark special days. Here we are making a test with water colour and it worked out fine!

Press – urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen


Click here to view and download press images (external page)

Press release – eng (pdf)
Press release – swe (pdf)




Now we have them! Here they are layed out on a table waiting to be sorted.

digital proof!


About urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen

This summer, jollygoodfellow (Esa and Lisa Tanttu) has biked and walked through Fredriksberg, Vesterbro, Christianshavn, Østerbro… And we have zoomed many great numbers in Copenhagen! Now the different figures have been arranged in neat rows to a wall calendar. For us the numbers plates is a marriage between architecture and typography, not always happy but always interesting. It can be a new way to look at a city through its everyday details.

The wall calendar
UrbnCal 2011 is made up of 365 black and white photographs of numbers plates from Copenhagen. This time we sort the pictures according to area. Like it was with urbnCal 2010 there will be a list of all street addresses the pictures come from.

Primarily the calendar is meant to be like a physical complement to your digital calendar and provide an overview, but there is some room for those who want to make notes.


Our goal is to minimize the environmental effect, so we print on a FSC-certified paper from 
Arctic Paper, Munken Lynx Rough, a paper with a high bulk which gives a lower weight without loosing thickness and stability. Munken is a Swedish paper and we are also going to print the calendar locally.

The uncut images from Copenhagen, will be published here on the website (in colour!) starting on January 1st, 2011.

Tech spec:
• 12 sheets (jan-dec) of environmentally friendly  (FSC-certified)
swedish high quality uncoated paper (Munken Lynx Rough,170 g/m2).
+ 1 sheet with a list of all street addresses and a template for marking.

• Format: A3 (11,7×16,5 in) with a 20 mm hole  for hanging.

• 2 colors: black & white photographs + colored details

• Packing: plastic cover with label

• Ca price in store: 250 sek (25 euro, $32)

20-100% red


Trying out the colour.

Munken Lynx Rough


The dummy from Arctic paper where as lovely as we thought! We have decided to use a new design paper called Munken Lynx Rough, it has an extra tactile surface and a natural white shade. ”Thanks to high bulk you can choose a lower grammage and keep thickness as well as paper stability”. As if that weren’t enough the paper is FSC-certified and locally produced here in Sweden. You will love it too!

sketches of january



For 2011 we leave the idea about colours by season and let the graphic expression dominate!

last few numbers


The hunt for the last few numbers is completed after a second trip to Copenhagen (our new favorite capitol).

almost there


1-31: the dates filled with nice numberplates,  1-12: the months and different areas of the city, so ALMOST THERE!