2012-09-08 14.43.04

The sheets have now arrived and we are really pleased with the printers work! Now we pick by hand and put together the months of 2013, the only way to be sure that every single page, keep the same high quality. And if you do it together, it’s fun! You can find more pictures here.

The proof


More and more figures find their place


Many dates have now been given its own number (here are some samples from two months) we believe that urbnCal 2013 will be brilliant in color print!



We got some help from our next generation in the selection process.

sketching on the logo


sketching on the cover page




Now all the figures are photographed, we are sorting them and working on the design. You can already pre-order urbnCal 2013 through crowdfunding!
If you are a reseller please send an e-mail (info [at] jollygoodfellow [dottie] se) and we will happily get back to you!

Reykjavik and Oslo



On our way to Norway.

The other day a jolly good friend of ours went to Reykjavík and now we’re going to Oslo.

The work with urbnCal 2013 Nordic has now officially started!